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Debut 2022

Meet Mark Brighton. He is a first-class journalist. He is the man the editor sends when they want the big scoop. The trouble is, as a staff reporter for a Local Newspaper, the big story doesn’t come along often. 

Mark has learnt to be patient. Then one day a shepherd arrives, and sheep return to the village. Mark sniffs a scoop. The past tumbles out like dirty clothes from a discarded suit case. A stark reminder of a previous life Brighton has spent a decade trying to forget.

An unimagined connection brings him and the shepherd together. Now determined to bring him to justice, and move on with his life, Mark digs deeper to find a murky world of drugs and crime as he hunts for the truth. There is no rest until he buries the past once and for all.

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The Evildoer

Coming Autumn 2022

Mark Brighton bounces back and lands on his feet in London, working for the National papers, his hunger for the truth unsated. A young copywriter stumbling through life makes a fatal error when she meets her match online.


Her life turns upside, as one event leads to the next in her inevitable decline into the sewers. Brighton knows. He finds a way out for them both. A decision she will have to live with for the rest of her life. 

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Hilton Head

Coming Winter 2022

Now living in the USA, at home on a small barrier Island off the coast of Georgia. Louise takes on the world as retribution. The price is high, the crime world is demanding and Louise is thrown deep into the pit of organised crime.


Only Brighton can save her from the inevitable fall. Back in the game, fighting for good over evil he relishes the chance to avenge the ills of the past and fight alongside Louise to beat the mobsters. 

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