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Mark Brighton is inquisitive. Most reporters show up, write their piece, and go home. Not Brighton, the truth drives him. Years of being a hack have taken their toll. His personal life bruised and bloodied, his ex-wife, a recovering addict. The pursuit of truth is all he has. He resolves to fight for justice and to make the next story his battleground, and then, perhaps, he can put the past behind him.

The requital series deals with justice and the consequences of revenge for any wrongdoing. 


Debut 2022

Autumn 2022

Winter 2022


The Evildoer

Hilton Head

My Books

Jon Mansbridge was born in Birmingham, in the UK, in the mid-1960s. Popular culture brought him up listening to The Jam and the softer tail of Punk Rock. Thankfully he missed out on the modernists and psychedelic prints. He worked as an Ad Man throughout the 80s and 90s. Leaving that affected stage in 2002 in favour of carving an independent path, he now enjoys every day as a pluralist. Engaged in a lifelong tussle with marketing, flying light aeroplanes, telling stories, holding onto family and connections and looking out for the next big adventure. 

Living is energy for your heart, so cooking up a thriller inspired by TV dramas, film noir, real life bent out of shape, and late twentieth century fiction is a must do for Jon. His debut novel, published in Spring 2021, is available now to pre-order. 

Flock: The Making of a killer is book one in the requital series. Somewhere in rural Essex, Jon sits at his oak desk with the yellow light of the anglepoise bouncing off the screen of his iMac, finishing the last chapters and making ready for publication. So, please pre-order today to receive your signed copy as soon as we publish it.

The requital series follows determined journalist Mark Brighton as he navigates the depths of humanity in search of hope, love, connectedness and the antidote to all that is evil. 

Jon lives near Saffron Walden in Essex with his forgiving wife and two sensational teenage daughters. Please get in touch, as an extrovert Jon feeds off the energy of others. 


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